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blog – September 2019 Latest news from Ilse (ENG)

blog – September 2019 Latest news from Ilse (ENG)

It’s been almost six years now since my arrival in New York. Six years in which I’ve tried to find a way, the means and the right location to make my dream come true as you can read in my earlier blog. To tell you the truth, it hasn’t been the easiest period of my professional life, but I was convinced that I could introduce hearing solutions ‘the Écoutez way’ to the USA.

The first couple of years I strongly focussed to open a store on Manhattan. To make a long story short and for all kind of reasons, that didn’t work out. Even though I’ve tried so hard to find the right location, there was always a ‘yes, but …’. Was I disappointed? Very much. Did I give up? No way!

My tenacity as well as my patience seem to be rewarded now. Surprisingly by giving up New York and by exploring new opportunities, I hope to succeed in friendly, entrepreneurial Dallas soon. Don’t cheer to early, I’ve been this close earlier. But folks, I’m so excited about this whole new idea, that’s why I want to share with you that a great store premises in Town Square Southlake (very chic indeed) has crossed my path.

Here I hope to open the first shop in the USA that exclusively offers advice and solutions for people with hearing problems. At this very moment,  I’ve started inviting audiologists and other hearing care professionals to join me. As you might know, Écoutez aims to be more than a high-end hearing boutique; we want to build a community, a safe haven. Écoutez offers a  whole new concept providing a first class treatment and a low-threshold opportunity for you to take your partner or relatives that also might need hearing help, advice or just an encouraging chat. Back in The Netherlands, we were the first to open a Hearing Lab (Hoorlab) for this purpose.

I cross my fingers now and keep you posted on the progress I hope to make in Dallas! Would you like to receive more information in the mean time? Please contact me at I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Wish me luck!

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