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Ilse Kolenbrander

Hearing aid specialist / entrepreneur or

BLOG September 2019
Latest news from Ilse (ENG)

It’s been almost six years now since my arrival in New York. Six years in which I’ve tried to find a way, the means and the right location to make my dream come true as you can read in my earlier blog. To tell you the truth, it hasn’t been the easiest period of my professional life, but I was convinced that I could introduce hearing solutions ‘the Écoutez way’ to the USA.

The first couple of years I strongly focussed to open a store on Manhattan. To make a long story short and for all kind of reasons, that didn’t work out. Even though I’ve tried so hard to find the right location, there was always a ‘yes, but …’. Was I disappointed? Very much. Did I give up? No way!

My tenacity as well as my patience seem to be rewarded now. Surprisingly by giving up New York and by exploring new opportunities, I hope to succeed in friendly, entrepreneurial Dallas soon. Don’t cheer to early, I’ve been this close earlier. But folks, I’m so excited about this whole new idea, that’s why I want to share with you that a great store premises in Town Square Southlake (very chic indeed) has crossed my path.

Here I hope to open the first shop in the USA that exclusively offers advice and solutions for people with hearing problems. At this very moment,  I’ve started inviting audiologists and other hearing care professionals to join me. As you might know, Écoutez aims to be more than a high-end hearing boutique; we want to build a community, a safe haven. Écoutez offers a  whole new concept providing a first class treatment and a low-threshold opportunity for you to take your partner or relatives that also might need hearing help, advice or just an encouraging chat. Back in The Netherlands, we were the first to open a Hearing Lab (Hoorlab) for this purpose.

I cross my fingers now and keep you posted on the progress I hope to make in Dallas! Would you like to receive more information in the mean time? Please contact me at I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Wish me luck!

BLOG September 2019
Laatste nieuws van Ilse (NL)

Het is alweer zes jaar geleden dat ik naar New York verhuisde. In die zes jaar heb ik hard geprobeerd om de manier, de middelen en de juiste locatie te vinden om mijn droom te realiseren. Je hebt daar misschien over gelezen in mijn vorige blog. Om eerlijk te zijn waren dat niet de beste jaren van mijn werkzame leven, maar ik was ervan overtuigd dat ik de unieke hooroplossingen van Écoutez in de VS zou gaan introduceren.

De eerste jaren was ik erop gebrand om een winkel op Manhattan te openen. Maar om een lang verhaal kort te maken, en door allerlei omstandigheden, is dat niet gelukt. Hoe hard ik ook mijn best deed om de juiste plek te vinden, er was altijd wel een ‘ja, maar …’. Was ik teleurgesteld? Heel erg. Heb ik het erbij laten zitten? Mooi niet!

Mijn vasthoudendheid en mijn geduld lijken nu dan eindelijk beloond te worden. Verrassend genoeg door New York uit mijn hoofd te zetten en op zoek te gaan naar andere mogelijkheden, die zich nu lijken aan te dienen in het vriendelijke, ondernemende Dallas. Ik moet niet te vroeg juichen, want ik ben eerder zo dichtbij geweest. Maar mensen, ik ben zo enthousiast over de laatste ontwikkelingen, dat ik graag met jullie wil delen dat er een schitterend winkelpand in Town Square Southlake (inderdaad best chique) op mijn pad is gekomen.

Hier hoop ik de eerste Amerikaanse hoorshop te openen waar je exclusief terecht kunt voor advies and hooroplossingen. Ik ben zelfs al bezig met het uitnodigen van nieuwe collega’s, zoals audiologen en andere hoorprofessionals. Zoals je misschien wel weet, wil Écoutez meer zijn dan slechts een winkel op de hoek voor geavanceerde hooroplossingen. We willen toe naar een community, een soort veilige haven. Wat Écoutez te bieden heeft is een volledig nieuw concept voor hooroplossingen en een laagdrempelige manier om de partner of het familielid  van de slechthorende te laten ervaren wat gehoorverlies betekent. Misschien kunnen ze zelf ook hooradvies gebruiken, of gewoon een bemoedigend praatje. Speciaal voor dit doel hebben wij in Nederland als eerste audicien een Hoorlab geopend.

Ik ga duimen voor de goede afloop en houd je op de hoogte van mijn vorderingen in Dallas! Wil je eerder meer informatie, neem dan gerust contact met mij op via Ik sta je graag te woord. Wish me luck!


BLOG 1 December 2018 (ENG)

When the native Dutch business woman Ilse Kolenbrander moved to New York in 2013, she made herself a promise. She wanted to continue her dedication in helping and connecting people to build a community of understanding listeners. Walking around in her new hometown, exploring the hearing care, her determination grew to provide American consumers with easy access to hearing solutions. She can now proudly and gratefully announce that in 2019, with the opening of two locations, her dream of ‘improving connections through better hearing’ in the US will come true.

The Ecoutez difference!
Ilse built her family business, Ecoutez, with her sister Lisette up from scratch. They are now a recognized brand and one of the top ranked businesses in hearing solutions in The Netherlands. They did it by moving away from a very clinical approach, inefficient care system and long waiting times while at the same time, providing nothing else than the best solution. In Ilse’s vision, you shouldn’t be distracted by endless paperwork or discouraged by a process that makes you feel like a patient, but rather listened to and understood in a comforting surrounding. So over the years, Ilse created an easy and open environment where you don’t have to wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment and then again weeks before you have your hearing aid. Ecoutez is a place where you can come in, feel at home, have your hearing tested and in no-time walk-out with the best hearing solution. She wants you to be understood as she lets you bring your relatives and have them experience what it is to have a hearing loss!

The Adventure
The original plan of 3 years in the US turned quickly in an indefinite plan. Ilse embarked a thrilling adventure to build Ecoutez USA. She laid the foundation by talking to potential customers, people from industry, doctors and audiologists, focusing on understanding of, the needs and improvements for the hearing care in the US. What followed was a rollercoaster ride of scouting locations, sleepless nights, countless discussions and negotiations while always believing that she can make a difference for people in need for the right hearing care. Her dream and determination brings you now Ecoutez USA.

Ecoutez USA
Ecoutez USA presents you a high-end boutique experience, a one-stop-shop, where you can walk in without appointment, where you can have your hearing tested on the spot, get personalized advice and most importantly, an empowering hearing solution in no-time. A new community where you can feel at home and experience first class treatment and leaving better connected to the world. Her audiologists and employees are available to hear your story, no matter what that story is and happy to share the latest developments and technology. The door is always wide open and the coffee is freshly made. You will leave re-energized, part of our Ecoutez family community of listeners.

New Locations
Ilse’s fierce focus led to Ecoutez New York, NY, and soon Ecoutez Dallas, TX. Why there? New York is simply an incredible city, the place where she was welcomed in a new world, the place where Ecoutez USA was born. During her journey, Ilse also discovered the entrepreneurial friendliness of Dallas, where she was warmly welcomed by new friends which embodies her American dream.

51056443 - dallas

We’ll have a lot more to share in the coming months, so stay tuned. Be sure to follow our journey by registering for our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at